Who is James William Awad? Instagram, Age, Profession Biography

James William Awad Instagram, Age, Profession, Net worth, wiki, Biography: James William Awad is that the principal architect of a select exclusive hangout called The 111 and furthermore the coordinator of a dubious party departure from Canada to Cancún. While many folks don’t seem to be fans of the contracted flight, it seems to be drawing in much attention.

He released a press release on Twitter on January 5 explaining the whole fiasco on the flight. We’ll elaborate on the matter between him and also the flight representative below. We’ll share James William Awad’s Instagram, James William grant’s folks’ responses, and other individual data about him during this post.

Who is James William Awad? – All you wish to know!

James William was only 14 when he began his own effective business, 111 Private Club. He’s now a well-established entrepreneur within the highly promising business. Despite his successes within the corporate world, James’ Wikipedia page has yet to be updated online. Although his date of birth is publicly known, his actual age may be a mystery now. He’s likely between 25 and 30 years old, judging by his appearance.

James William Awad Net Worth

James William Awad merits an expected $20 million, and he’s a loner. So he has not delivered any data about his total assets to the overall population at this point. The provided net worth is wrong as there’s no legit information available on the web.

James William Awad Controversy

A debate is standing out as truly newsworthy with regards to the Sunwing Party departure from Montreal to Cancun. He expressed the Sunwing Party Flight on January 5, 2022, on Twitter and clarified the total disaster on the flight.

The controversy has drawn the eye of thousands of individuals round the world and a few authorities in addition. Most of the many air companies in Canada have refused to bring back the passengers leaving.

James William Awad, top of an extraordinary party trip to Cancun, has been abandoned in Mexico for a really long time. His return flight home was canceled by surprise, leaving him and his fellow party-goers stranded in an exceedingly foreign country.

In a statement released on a Thursday morning, James has expressed gratitude for everyone’s patience. And it was reiterated the commitment to hosting a non-public and safe event in Cancun together with the group from the 111 private clubs there.

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James William Awad Age

Judging by his appearance, he’s likely a young adult of the age of 25-30 years. His actual age may be a mystery. Despite that, his absolute age has not been revealed yet, together with the knowledge about his exact date of birth.

James William Awad Parents

James Awad is a contemplative individual whose guardians’ characters are presently hidden. His father and mother have provided him with better education and are his backbone of support. James William Awad’s parents are still underwater. Yes but he is likely likely to be very disappointed with him, as he has been getting such a lot of criticism.

James Will Ethnicity and Religion.

He is Christian by religion and was brought into the world in Quebec in Canada. However, his ethnicity is unknown as he never spoke about his personal life publicly. So, we’re unable to supply that. Also, his relationship status may be a mystery. However, he claims to be one guy.

James William Awad Instagram and other online media stages

James William Awad isn’t active on Instagram as he don’t upgrade any account on that. But, he’s active on Twitter.

James never discloses his personal life and stuff. Despite his successes within the corporate world, James’ Wikipedia page has yet to be updated online. While his date of birth is publicly known, his actual age could be a mystery now.


On ending the article on James William Awad & his flight controversy till the day. He’s a genius businessman and a well known guy as of noe. He apologizes to the people and thank them for his or her patience. I hope you’ll appreciate the diligence we’re putting into providing such information. Thanks for reading.

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