When this actress went abroad after getting married, Rajesh Khanna became very disappointed

Mumtaz Rajesh Khanna Bonding: Rajesh Khanna is no longer among us, but there are many such stories related to the actor, which people still like to read and listen to. Today we are going to tell you one such story. This anecdote is related to actress Mumtaz and it was mentioned by the Veteran actress herself in an interview. Let us tell you that the pair of Rajesh Khanna and Mumtaz used to be one of the superhit couples of their time, both of them worked together in total about 10 films. It is said that the bonding of Kaka and Mumtaz was great not only on screen but also in real life.

Mumtaz had told in an old interview that this is from the year 1974 when she went to America after marrying Mayur Madhvani. The actress says that Rajesh Khanna became very emotional after hearing the news of her marriage and going to America. According to Mumtaz, Rajesh Khanna used to miss her a lot.

The actress had also told in the interview that a close friend of Rajesh Khanna even told her that ‘after you left Kaka was saying that my right hand is gone’. However, let us tell you that Mumtaz is also a cancer survivor.

The actress had breast cancer. At the same time, Rajesh Khanna had said goodbye to this world in the year 2012 while fighting cancer. Let us tell you that the famous films of Rajesh Khanna and Mumtaz include Do Raaste, Aapki Kasam, Dushman and Sacha-Jhootha etc.

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