What is The ‘Breaking My Heart Girl’ Tiktok Trend? Video Explained

Breaking My Heart Girl Tiktok Trend: Nowadays, the bulk of individuals are following TikTok trends using this application. So likewise, a brand new trend is being popular on the Tiktok application that’s called the ‘Breaking My Heart Girl’ trend. Hense, it’s a song that’s going viral and everybody is making a video on that. This new challenge has made everyone obsessive about the track.

As per recognize, the TikTok apk is most popular for creating old songs go viral and win the hearts of individuals again. Now here we can able to see the ‘Breaking My Heart Girl’ trend is making everyone crazy on social media platform. So allow us to see what this trend all about.

What Is Breaking My Heart Girl Tiktok social Trend?

‘Breaking My Heart Girl’ Song is just trending on TikTok in hugh amount. And everybody is making videos for posting them on the video-sharing platform TikTok. This trend is receiving plenty of affection from the viewers and thus gaining numerous likes and views on TikTok.

You might be pondering what people do during this trend. People are making videos by lip-syncing on the road ‘Breaking my heart girl’. It is for explaining about the past heartbreak or incident that had left them disappointed.

Some people have added about the betrayal by a disciple or a romantic partner in their videos. Some people were laid low with the pandemic very badly. And that they tried to clarify the experience of the past one year by creating a video on this trend.

On the opposite side, some people tried to create this trend fun by poking towards certain situations in their life. The most motive of those people was to enjoy and let others feel entertained with their content.

What is the Song?

The name of this song, that’s playing the background of this trend, is ‘Breaking my heart’. It had been first found because the TikTok track employed by a TikTok user named Jodeci. The song has originally released in the year of 1991, and Minneapolis R&B band Mint Condition has its authority to work the song.

As per the many media reports, they named the song as Breakin’ My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes). The song was uploaded on YouTube platform, as a music video, in the month of June in 2019. You’l be able tol watch it on YouTube and undergo the trending lyrics.

Twitter Reacts to The Trend

As the song is trending on the TikTok platform. A hugh number of the viewers have shared the views on Twitter associated with the Breaking My Heart challenges on the platform there.

One person has written that, that High pitched Breaking his heart TikTok song is so hard.”

It has breaks his heart challenge on TikTok is doing things to him, the second person has said.

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