We tested Google’s Nest Cam: A security camera to protect what you love most

Google’s Nest Cam: Buying a video surveillance camera is an investment in peace of mind. There are many models on the market. We have tested the most recent from Google, the Nest Cam with cable, and we have to say that it has very interesting features to take care of your home, business or office, from the mobile and without complications. Let’s see.

And the Nest Cam is a network-powered camera. To configure it, you just have to connect it to the electrical current and follow the simple instructions of the Google Home application. Fast and easy.

Easy to install, and discreet

Nest Cam’s design is inspired by home décor and lighting elements, blending into the unique aesthetic environment of your home.

With its flexible design, Nest Cam allows you to see clearly where you need it most. You can place it on a surface (like a shelf or table) or mount it on a wall. The custom hinge allows it to be placed in hard-to-reach corners, as well as to change the orientation when necessary.

Also did you know that it is made from recycled plastic? A hoot, without a doubt.

Sharp images even in low light

If the environment has low light, don’t worry: this camera can see the details without problem. Nest Cam has a built-in HDR-quality camera with night vision, a 135-degree field of view, and a 6x zoom. It is optimized to provide the sharpest vision possible in a wide variety of lighting situations, such as backlit scenes, bright light, and darkness.

Works with and without WiFI

It is a connected camera, but if for some reason your network fails, this camera has local storage. When the camera recovers the connection, it uploads the recordings to your history.

Plus, Nest Cam works in conjunction with a Google account that provides additional security features, such as 2-Step Verification, Suspicious Activity Detection, and Security Checks, so your passwords are always safe.

Google Nest Cam: Is it worth it?

By design, easy installation, and practical features, waptrick, the Nest Cam may be the ideal video surveillance camera for you. And it is delivered pre-programmed to detect people, animals and vehicles. It provides 3 hours of event history and allows you to create activity zones to define specific areas, as well as the notifications you want to receive when something happens in any of those zones. Historically, much of this functionality required a subscription service. However, thanks to the processing built into the device, your new Nest Cam can do more on its own.

Its price is 99 euros. No mandatory subscriptions. You buy it, install it and that’s it. It is easy and intuitive both to install and to use. It is tranquility for your home. So it can be an ideal alternative for your safety.

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