The Undertaker’s big statement on his humiliation, told how the superstar got upset

The Undertaker On WCW: The Undertaker is counted among the biggest superstars of WWE. Apart from this, The Undertaker is also the WWE Hall of Fame. At the same time, now The Undertaker has told about his journey in WCW. During this, he has revealed many shocking things. He said that he was a part of WCW before coming to WWE. At that time he was known as ‘Mean Mark’ Callas. Also the superstar told that he worked there for about 1 year.

‘Decided to move to WWE after working in WCW’

The Undertaker said that after working for 1 year in WCW, he decided to go to WWE. Actually, during the conversation on WWE’s YouTube channel, he made many revelations. He said that Ollie Anderson had insulted him. The Undertaker further said that I was with WCW for about 8-9 months. Actually, at that time I talked about my contract.

‘Loved working in WCW’

The WWE Superstar said that he was very happy in WCW, because I loved working there. He said I was called and Ollie Anderson was there. Actually, at that time Ollie Anderson used to book things. During this, Olly Anderson offered me the same deal on which I was already working. At that time I was thinking that there would be a slight increase, but Ollie Anderson told me that but no one will ever pay to see you fight. The Undertaker said that I felt very bad to hear this from Ollie Anderson.

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