Once Rajesh Khanna was lonely, so only this person used to call superstar!

Rajesh Khanna Movies: The industry’s first superstar Rajesh Khanna is no longer with us, but many stories and stories related to the actor are still famous. Let us tell you that Rajesh Khanna had come into discussions by giving back to back 15 hits. Rajesh Khanna’s stardom was at one time such that the clothes he wore became fashionable, like the style people used to follow the hair cut. Not only this, Rajesh Khanna’s passion was also tremendous among his female fans, so much so that she used to kiss the actor’s car and turn it red.

However, Rajesh Khanna could not digest his success and says that he had become quite arrogant. However, times changed and the romance hero Rajesh Khanna was replaced by Amitabh Bachchan. A round of action or a storm came with Amitabh that brought Rajesh Khanna’s stardom straight to the ground.

According to media reports, there was a time in Rajesh Khanna’s life when he had become completely alone. Rajesh Khanna had no work, even the fans had forgotten him. During this depression and loneliness, Rajesh Khanna often used to talk to Anand Bakshi.

Anand Bakshi’s son Rakesh Bakshi tells in his book ‘Nagme Kisse Baatein Yaadein’ that Rajesh Khanna used to call my father whenever he felt lonely. Rakesh writes that his father used to give emotional support to Rajesh Khanna. Let us tell you that Anand Bakshi wrote songs for many hit films of Rajesh Khanna, including films like Milan, Aradhana, Namak Haram, Kati Patang etc.

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