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“No Game No Life” is a curious collection for me. I’m an honest scorer, at all times giving the anime a shot and at all times looking for positives.

Nevertheless, this isn’t the case with the “No Game No Life” with me.

It’s considered the closest factor to canned bread, everybody appears to be awed by this, nonetheless, I’m additionally the only real individual that doesn’t know what’s the most effective factor about it.

The present is centered on the Clean siblings’ Sora and Shiro.

Sora and Shiro siblings two NEETs who’re shut-in on Earth nonetheless, there are specific winners in a model new world of absurdity whose ambitions and exploits will depart their enemies confused and amazed whereas concurrently awestruck.

It’s potential that the couple might be dismissed as a typical Gary Stu/mary sue pair. 

They’re not however they’re additionally removed from boring or boring characters as most of the ones that meet this description as a result of approach the collection portrays their NEET traits.

The brothers and sisters seem like genuinely entertaining characters, sporting flashy traits which resemble well-known characters from different fashionable books, anime, or video games, however with out feeling like self-inserts which can be merely self-inserts.

15. Amira


Amira has silky, inexperienced hair and has a pores and skin colour which is almost clear, and has clear blue eyes. She is carrying coral jewelry on her physique. 

As an Seiren mannequin, she has an primarily humanoid physique, with garments that resemble fins on her toes, and pointed ears.

She has a typically cheerful character that matches the stereotype of Seirens who’re blissful and inscrutable. 

As well as, as per this stereotype is that she is kind of a flirty and enticing character as evidenced within the many occasions she has had a romantic relationship with Sora. 

She believes it’s excellent to specific your feelings and emotions as an alternative of holding them in a bottle as she did in her help of Sora and Shiro after they have been battling Laira.

14. Laira Lorelei

As with different Seiren, she is generally humanoid, with dress-like fins on her toes in addition to pointed ears. 

Her hair is wavy and blue and has a youthful look together with a snow-white physique, which is adorned with gold strips. 

The decrease portion of her physique has stunning scales that replicate gentle into the house.

She was bored of life and is in search of absolute love within the sense that she was blessed with every thing: magnificence, wealth and love from everybody. 

When she first appeared she behaved like an unspoiled youngster.

She appears to not care about how lengthy she’s been asleep (V5C4) in addition to having fun with the pleasure of slamming these she loves within the hardest methods when they’re drawn to her.

13. Plum Stoker

Plum wears gothic apparel and a small prime cap. 

He wears blue hair and black wings. He additionally has an eerie tail.

Whereas initially considered a lady due to the best way he attire however he later reveals the reality is that he’s the one male Dhampir. 

He attire like a lady to disguise the truth that he’s a person.

Though he seems to have a humble and humble look, Plum is without doubt one of the most manipulative and malicious creatures to be discovered on Disboard. 

He’s continuously plotting towards his pals and allies alike, he’s at all times in his personal acquire whereas trying to excuse his actions when found, this led to Kuhaku’s acceptance of him as a rival and a helpful ally to maintain.

12. Miko

She has lengthy, golden hair and fox ears. She additionally has whiskers in addition to two gold tails. She is normally seen carrying a kimono in addition to a hairpiece. 

Additionally, she has an enormous bell that hangs from her chest. Sora has speculated that Miko’s age was at a minimal of 58 Nevertheless, her precise age continues to be unknown. 

Regardless of her age, Miko holds the looks of a girl who’s in her 20s.

She is normally smiling on her face in all conditions, demonstrating her confidence and understanding. 

She additionally has an amazing affection towards her individuals, as she instructed Sora to take care of the Werebeasts when she misplaced her coin. She, like different races, was used to ridiculing Immunity. 

Nevertheless, she has begun to understand them after the alliance, particularly Sora in addition to Shiro. 

Her admiration for Sora grows when she observes his dedication and dedication to serving to save Ino in addition to profitable with a special method that doesn’t contain casualties when she herself believed that the sacrifice of Ino was the best and only choice.

11. Izuna Hatsuse

Like others Werebeasts, Izuna has a mixture of human and animal traits, corresponding to having ears that resemble foxes and a fluffy tail. 

Her hair is darkish purple and her eyes which can be chestnut (black hair and eyes from the novel of sunshine). 

Her pupils are vertically minimize which is analogous to the eyes of cats.

She has a typically harmless character for her age however is proficient in taking part in video games, to the extent that she will symbolize the Werebeasts in nationwide competitions with different races. 

When studying English translated gentle manga and novels she is thought to make the behavior of slurring and never being conscious of what they imply.

10. Fiel Nirvalen

Fiel is a blonde with lengthy golden locks which can be adorned with pink hair ribbons which retains part of the hair in a braid and eyes which can be darkish blue irises in addition to the looks of a pink clover. 

Fiel has a fairly large bust. 

Her garments are olive inexperienced and light-weight yellow hue.

Regardless of showing just like the stereotypical brainless lady, nonetheless, she’s extraordinarily intelligent and sensible. 

Though she’s normally smiling and talking in a straightforward voice she’s in a position to take a severe flip when she has to. it. 

She additionally has a slight dislike for Flugels particularly Jibril as a result of they’ve killed a considerable amount of Elves prior to now. 

However, it’s nothing compared to her hatred of Dwarves in such a approach that she has claimed that she is going to die if she stays contained in the Subterrane alongside Nyi Tilvilg for six hours.

9. Chlammy Zell

Chlammy Zell is a slim and slim lady with a purple coiffure and a black veil over her head on a regular basis. 

She’s a bit missing within the chest space which she could be very sad about.

She has a largely calm and calm expression on the opening of the story nonetheless, it’s simply an look. 

She might simply flip right into a crying mess she was scared or circumstances weren’t going as deliberate. 

Nevertheless, she’s nonetheless decided to struggle for her objective.

8. Stephanie Dola

Stephanie has been described because the Immunity lady with a brief crimson coiffure which is adorned with an enormous blue flower. 

Her eyes are blue and he or she has an elongated determine, with massive breasts.

She can be carrying the gown is from Sora which brought about Idols to be jealous. 

She wears a cardigan with no shoulder with a gown that resembles a maid and the leg heaters in addition to boots.

Steph has been dubbed the Princess of Elkia The land of the human race. 

She hates dropping and is proud, and regularly isn’t fascinated about the implications. 

She hopes to proceed the desires of her great-grandfather, who was a former King, and hold Elkia from the hazard of disappearance. 

She’s additionally adept at creating sweets.

7. Schwi Dola

Schwi has many similarities to Shiro. 

Nevertheless, she has just a few distinctions, essentially the most notable being the 2 tails that protrude out of her again in addition to different options that resemble machines that reach from her physique.

Earlier than making human contact, her habits was just like a man-made intelligence stereotype. 

She was in a position to take in and course of data and information shortly, after which act in the appropriate approach – an unusual attribute of her race.

6. Riku Dola

He’s tall and slim and has white, spiky hair. The eyes of the actor are a lavender colour, and have been described as “seem like an abyss”. 

His garments are largely sienna brown, with the addition of a crimson scarf.

For the reason that destruction of his dwelling and his position because the colony’s chief and was in a position to preserve a divided character. 

If the figurative lock on his coronary heart is shut, he appears unmotivated, chilly, and calculated. If the center has opened the feelings that he has saved up launch, normally brutally.

5. Sora

Sora is a lean and tall younger man who has clean truthful pores and skin and hair that’s spiky from the novel gentle (maroon on the animated model). 

His eyes are crimson with darkish luggage that cowl them, almost definitely from an extreme quantity of gaming and no relaxation (sleep lack), and is at all times sporting smiles with a cute smile on his face.

Regardless of being a NEET and shut-in Sora is extraordinarily pleasant, self-confident, with unending vitality and virility.

He’s who isn’t afraid to play with individuals face-to-face even after they’re behaving badly. 

He’s extraordinarily manipulative, what’s described as “negotiation and diplomacy”. 

That is according to the fashion of play of Shiro that’s based mostly on math and logic. his is made up of feelings statement and deductions, habits phrases, techniques in addition to human logic.

4. Tet

Tet is carrying berets with a brim and an orange clover on prime. 

He additionally has a small crimson coronary heart beneath the appropriate eye. One among his most hanging options is his eyes, as they’re multi-colored. 

Regardless of his eyes being multi-colored the pupil on his proper is a diamond-shaped one and his left has a spade-shaped form on it. 

He has a large metallic earring to the left ear, depicted as a die, and a blue choker and bracelets on each palms which have the similar colour.

From the second Tet introduced Shiro together with Sora again to the world of his mother and father, Tet was proven as enjoyable and shiny identical to any youngster of his age. 

From the principles, he put up on the Disboard Tet seems to be averse to combating and violence, probably as a result of harm that the previous battle brought about on the planet. 

He is usually a bit benevolent and peaceable. 

He additionally states that he sometimes solely observes however isn’t concerned. 

He’s not a fan of the Previous Deus that he’s not (probably however not at all times) and was confirmed to have a destructive impression of the group. He additionally regards these characters as being boring.

3. Ixseed

It’s believed that the Ixseed (Shi Liu Zhong Ikushido, Ikushido) is a reference to the 16 races which can be sentient in Disboard that the Ten Covenants cowl. 

They’re categorised based mostly on their affinities to magic.

The highest six races are thought of to be “Life” (Sheng Ming, Seimei) together with “Dwelling beings” and the decrease 10 races are thought of to be “Creatures” (Sheng Wu, Seibutsu) in addition to “Dwelling objects”. 

The excellence between the highest and backside races is the results of the variations between heaven and earth, since”Life” and “Life” are quite a bit superior to the “Creatures”. 

The creation of all races was achieved by way of God the Previous Deus, besides Immunity and Demonia.

Cross-breeding between races can’t be seen in Disboard. 

It’s nonetheless potential to provide offspring through the use of a bit of soul belonging to a different race.

That is the best way Laira was in a position to give start to Sora’s daughter. 

Jibril in addition to the ex-Machina additionally talked about that they may reproduce equally and in addition.

2. Jibril

The hair is lengthy and purple-pink that extends to her knees, and has two white wings protruding from her hips. 

Her pupils are darkish purple, with an iris that’s gold.

A cross-shaped form is seen in her pupils when she’s targeted on one thing (corresponding to casting spells).

She is light and pleasant, nonetheless, she can be extremely impolite to the completely different races within the Ixseed which can be lower than their very own.

That is demonstrated in her veiled insults to Stephanie Dola. She additionally doesn’t apologize for her actions to Fiel Nirvalen to apologize for creating havoc.

Additionally, when she was instructed that she should take a lick of Fiel’s toes, she turned down the provide by saying that she wouldn’t contact an ‘unmere’ Elf’s foot. 

She is a big fan of data and may get overjoyed on the considered studying new data for example when she gazed at Sora’s pill after inspecting the huge quantity of knowledge it held.

1. Shiro

Shiro is a reasonably pale-skinned woman with lengthy, messy white hair that has gentle blue, purple-pink, inexperienced, and yellow tones and huge eyes which can be passive and golden/yellow-red. 

She’s small and of regular peak (for an 11-year-old).

Shiro is called a genius at considering and fixing issues however struggles to grasp emotional or behavioral patterns, counting on Sora to help her in defeating creatures with feelings like Tet of their chess sport. 

She doesn’t present any emotion regardless of her unbelievable intelligence, she speaks in brief phrases, brief sentences, and from the third-person perspective.

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