Mika Di Vohti: Mika Singh fell in love with this girl, know who is this Punjabi girl?

Mika Di Vohti Neet Mahal: The Swayamvar of famous Punjabi singer Mika Singh remains a topic of discussion these days. Every day some new updates keep coming from the show Mika Di Voti. But this time such news is coming, under which a girl who came in her swayamvar has won the heart of Mika Singh. Let’s know who is that beautiful lady whose chances of becoming Mika Di Vohti have increased.

Mika di Voti can become a beautiful woman

It is worth noting that girls from different cities of the country have participated as contestants in Mika Singh’s Swayamvar. One of these beauties is Neet Mahal, whose name is getting the most headlines in Mika Di Voti. In fact, in a recent episode of Mika Di Voti, the task of kitchen was kept. During this, along with all the contestants, Neet Mahal also made special kheer for Mika Singh. After tasting it, Mika Singh clearly said that Neet Yaar, you have won my heart. However, Neet Mahal later said that she does not consider herself a kitchen master. It is known that on many occasions in the show, he has been seen speaking his heart for Mika-led.

Who is Neet Mahal

Actually Neet Mahal is a famous model and actress of Punjab. During his short career, Neet Mahal has worked in many music videos and films. Neet Mahal has shown his power in Punjabi songs like Kamli Yaar Di, GT Road, Straight Oatta Mohali and Commitment. Not only this, Neet Mahal has also spread its presence in Punjabi films like Takhtgriha, Dula Valley, Hardcore and High End Yaariyan.

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