Meet Val Bragg, The Mystery Woman Spotted With Chase Stokes in Viral Video

Val Bragg: Pursue Stokes is an American entertainer who was spotted kissing a secret lady named “Val Bragg” later his split from Madelyn Cline. Madelyn Cline is the Outer Banks co-star of his likely.

Val Bragg was the secret lady who was subsequently distinguished when she made a video tending to things.

Bragg addressed matters on December 30. She also took to the social media platform TikTok to share the second side of the story. Bragg refuted the claims made on her. She referenced that the entertainer was single at the time when she met her.

Even the girl clarified that the pair barely had a momentary drunken counter. it’s about December 26 in Florida. Bragg further clarified that she wasn’t dating Chase Stokes.

Who is Val Bragg?

Val Bragg may be a 22-year-old woman who belongs to Republic of Costa Rica. Recently, a video went viral of Bragg. Inside the clasp, Bragg has spotted kissing Outer Banks star, as well as Chase Stokes there. Where the video got yelled was Eden the Lounge in Orlando.

The video surfaced via web-based media and got trend in general. It is due to the video, Bragg came forward for the accusation placed on her.

Bragg Denies Causing Split Between pursue Stoke And Cline

Individuals considered her responsible for the separation among Stokes and Cline. For which, Bragg said, I’ve been getting a major measure of disdain remarks and DMs and people simply considering me a home-wrecker. And also letting me know that I’m the reasoning why Chase and his ex split up, and that is false at all.”

Bragg shared that on Sunday, she together with her relief visited Eden the Lounge. Randomly, she stumbled on Chase Stokes. While they were plastered, the pair shared a definite second. The proclamation was that, “He know everything, one thing prompted another…

It had been similar to late at the long stretches of murkiness. It absolutely was like super, you know, the place was getting ready to close. and so i assume the lights turned on and somebody recorded us. They were both, He would like to mention pretty drunk.”

Further, Bragg asserted that for as long as month, Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline are single. Likewise, it’s been explained by her that she has not been dating Stokes. The statement was as “We’re not dating. it absolutely was nothing serious like that. No, dislike, ‘Gracious, he continued on’ or anything like that. I’m pretty sure he’s still probing it, and that’s OK because I’m surfing a breakup similarly.”

Bragg explains that it absolutely was just an informal moment between them that was mysteriously recorded.

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