Kolkata FF Results- Winning Tips of Kolkata FF Results (2022)

kolkata ff results: Check everyday kolkata ff result online here. Kolkata fatafat is a very much popular lottery game that you can relate to Satta Matka. This type of speculative game is played by a large number of people, despite Matka game being banned in India. Kolkata Fatafat lottery game is completely based on lottery number system, in which you have to guess the number. This game is played by people so that they can earn maximum profit and in less time people want to earn more and more money.

All about Kolkata FF

Kolkata FF could be a extremely popular game within the region, which is within the type of ‘Satta Matka’ gaming pattern. Though Matka is banned in India, few working Matka is obtainable like Kolkata Fatafat. Interested participants who are willing to play the lottery, will must log in to the official website, www. KolkataFF.com.

There are various types of Bazi’s in Kolkata FF, which players will guess about. during this game, unlike regular lotteries where the numbers are predetermined, the player should calculate the quantity of records passing. Kolkata gains a high involvement in lottery games. This lottery contains a gaming-style within the style of ‘Satta Matka. Even when Matka is banned in India, there are few supervised ‘Matka’ works just like the Kolkata Fatafat.

How to see Kolkata Fatafat Result 2022?

You can see Kolkata Fatafat Result 2022 result online for which you can follow the steps given below:

  • To see the Kolkata FF result, first enter in its official website, for this you can take the help of search engine.
  • After entering website click on Kolkata FF result chart
  • A new page related to the result will open in front of you
  • In this page you can also see today’s result and old results.

How to play Kolkata FF?

In Kolkata FF lottery game you have to guess the number like any other lottery game. If the number you choose opens, then you win. Apart from you, people who have guessed the right number also win, however the amount won depends on how much money you have invested in it earlier.

The sports betting is known as the game of luck, in which you have to guess which number can come today? There is complete risk in this game because there are more chances of you losing and you can lose all the money you have invested. Maybe you will win if the number you have entered. This is the specialty of betting, due to which people play it a lot. However, we do not advise you to play speculative at all.

What prize can win in Kolkata FF?

In Kolkata FF you can win prizes in different ways. As such it is played in three ways: Single, Jodi, Patti; With these methods you can invest your money in this game. For this, you have to guess the number. You can earn profits according to the amount of money you put on a guessed number. Therefore, the money earned varies from person to person. In this, the number of people who open, all of them win. Its result is updated eight times a day. Apart from this, many other speculative games are played by people, in which you have to guess the number. And the prize is given only according to the money you put on that number.

  • Rs. 100 Single – winning amount almost Rs. 900
  • Rs. 100 on Patti – winning amount almost Rs. 10000
  • Rs. 100 on Jodi – winning amount almost Rs. 8100

Note: The winning amount given here may change in future.

Kolkata FF Result Today

Kolkata Fatafat betting game is played in West Bengal, apart from it, it is played by many people from other states of the country, due to which it is quite a big and popular betting game. However, for your information, please tell that it is illegal to play betting and if you are found involved in it then there is a provision of punishment in it. But despite this, Kagis play it and win rewards too.

Kolkata FF

If you guess the right number, then you can win a huge amount in it, though it depends on how much money you have invested in the beginning. But if you are unable to guess the correct number, then you lose all the money you put. this game is played 8 times a day, which results in 8 updates.

You can watch this result online for which you do not need to go anywhere. You will find many websites on the internet which have been updating the results on a daily basis. If you have also guessed a number, then you can see its result online in the website.

Kolkata FF Fatafat Result Time Table

You can see Kolkata Fatafat result online in its official website. The result is updated eight times a day, the timing of which is given below:

1st Baazi10:00 AM πŸ•™
2nd Baazi11:30 AM πŸ•¦
3rd Baazi01:00 PM πŸ•
4th Baazi02:30 PM πŸ•
5th Baazi04:00 PM πŸ•“
6th Baazi05:30 PM πŸ• 
7th Baazi07:00 PM πŸ•–
8th Baazi08:30 PM πŸ•€

Note: The time of speculative game results can be changed, the time given here is according to our information in the present which may change in future. We try our best to update the time daily.

Why is Kolkata FF played?

Kolkata FF is played by a lot of people. The purpose of playing it is to earn maximum profit. People make a lot more money by investing less money in it. That is why it is very popular among people. Despite banning the betting by the Indian government, people hide and play it under the law. People often lose a lot of their money in the greed to earn more profit.

Kolkata fatafat

Money should always be earned by legal means, because there is no shortcut to earn money and you may win by luck today but you can also lose a lot later. Since playing betting has been banned in India, we advise you to stay away from such games. Always remember that greed can bring man to his knees and you will continue to regret it all your life.

Apart from Kolkata FF, many satta games are available in the market such as Kalyan Matka, Milan Matka, Milan Night, Rajdhani Day, Sagar Night, Bhagyalaxmi, Kamal Day, Rajdhani Night, Milan Day, Supreme Night, Worli Day, Bombay Bazar, Kalyan Night, Time Bazar, Main Mumbai Day, Super Kalyan, Supreme Day, Kuber Morning, Sagar Day

Types of Kolkata FF Game

The Kolkata FF Game is played in three ways, such as:

  • Single
  • Jodi
  • Patti

In this game you have to guess the correct number, in which your chances of winning are less. By making less money in it, people earn more profits, hence this kind of speculative game is played by people quite a lot. You can play this game in different ways and make money according to your own.

Kolkata FF Winning Tips

For which number can come in Kolkata FF, you will find many websites on the internet. Apart from this, you can also see the prediction of the number and the SATTA Winning Tips in youtube videos. You can analyze old winning numbers and guess the number that comes accordingly. And if your number comes from luck, then you can earn a lot more money in it. Which depends on the amount you invest.

Kolkata FF

If you prediction of a number and tell you what the jagla number can come, then you should not give it a full amount, you may have to bear a huge loss. So even though you go towards prediction, guess the number according to yourself. The rest depends on your luck.

Matka game was very popular in India in the 90s, it is still played by many people but the number of players is less than before. Nowadays people have got other options from where you can legally earn money sitting online, which is:

  • online money earning app
  • MLM industry
  • blogging
  • vlogging
  • share market
  • freelancing

What are the Kolkata FF Old Results available?

You can easily see Kolkata FF Old Results. If you have missed seeing the number some day, then you do not need to panic. You can view old results online from your mobile and find out which number came that day? Those who open the number put by them get rewards.

It is a kind of fun game that people play according to their wish. Nobody forces you to play. If you do any harm in this, then you are responsible for it because the speculative game is a game of luck where you mostly lose. But still people play speculative due to their economic condition in the hope that one day they too can win a lot of money. However, it is a game of luck and it is very difficult to do any prediction in it.

Beware of unknown numbers related to Kolkata FF

If someone calls you from unknown numbers related to this satta, then you should be careful because it can be a spam call. By sharing your personal information on such calls, you may suffer financial loss. You should not give any type of information related to bank details, debit card or credit card to any unknown person.


Q1. Who will Play Kolkata Fatafat?

It is seen that the majority of the middle-class people play this game to fulfil their needs. Most of the people play this game during festival time and this game are often played only in Kolkata. Play and win amazing prizes by guessing the proper number. People can win this game by chance and if you’re desperate to know the information to win the sport, read this text completely. you’ll be able to also follow the sport rules to play the sport. Players can able to play this game both online and offline.

Q2. Does Kolkata FF have Multiple Winners?

With a specific amount at hand, the sport are often started. The results of Kolkata Fatafat has multiple winners. Some results from the Kolkata FF have four Bazi winners within the league and a few have eight Bazi winners within the League. The game’s winner is named the ‘King.’ There are, however, some more winners who receive consolation prizes.

Q3. What are Kolkata FF Effects?

Due to the shortage of clarity among the players, many players believe Kolkata Fatafat can make them rich. it’s to be noted that this concept is wrong. The players have to know that Kolkata FF doesn’t guarantee to form you rich. The players should use caution enough to not fall for any scams within the name of winning. Players should understand that there are not any shortcuts or tricks to win the sport and must guess the winning number by calculating the quantity of records passing.

Q4. What is the minimum bid for kolkata fatafat?

According to the official website of Kolkata FF, the game doesn’t have any minimum or maximum bet as such. betting on the world, the minimum bet is also between Rs.5 to Rs10.

Q5. Is Kolkata FF available on any social media apps?

Kolkata FF is offered on Facebook, Youtube, and you’ll also join their Whatsapp platform. you’ll head to their official website to test out these pages.

Q6. How many people play Kolkata Fatafat?

Several people across province play the game.

Q7. How to contact?

You will able to be reach Kolkata Fatafat by visiting their official website and clicking on the ‘contact us’ tab. Then Fill your information and queries on the contact us page of Kolkata Ff.

Q8. How to predict the results?

There are not any proven methods to predict Kolkata FF results.


The purpose of this news given to you is only to provide you the necessary information about the related subject. We at ANewsHub.com do not in any way encourage betting or gambling or similar illegal or unlawfully accessed activities. We do not advise you to play speculative games at all and you earn money through legal or lawful methods which you will get at the beginning of this post.

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