King Kong of 200 kg was mated by Dara Singh in wrestling, became immortal by becoming ‘Hanuman’ of Ramayana

Dara Singh Facts: Rustom e Hind Kahun or best wrestler or best actor. Today is the 10th death anniversary of Dara Singh. Dara Singh has been such a wrestler who never lost a match. He has even beaten the wrestlers of his time. Dara Singh was excellent even when he was a wrestler and even when he came to acting, he had no answer. Dara Singh, who defeated King Kong of 200 kg, won the World Heavyweight Championship 10 times. He also won the title of Commonwealth, World Wrestling, Champion of Malaysia.

Dara, who played about 500 wrestling matches, never lost any match. He received the Hall of Fame in 1996 and the WWE Hall of Fame in 2018. In 1983, Dara Singh retired from wrestling. Talking about his acting career, he took entry in films with the 1952 film Sangdil. Dara was a stunt actor for a few years, but he started getting lead roles in the 1962 film King Kong of Babubhai Mistry. Released in 1962, this film got the B grade category.

After this, the pair of Dara Singh and Mumtaz worked together in 16 consecutive films. All these films were B grade and Dara used to get Rs 4 lakh for each film. When people saw Dara Singh, who did B grade films continuously, in Ramanand Sagar’s historical serial Ramayana in 1980, he considered him a real Ram devotee Hanuman. Dara was identified as Hanuman from this serial. After this Dara appeared in many mythological films. In the film Anand, Dara became the wrestling guru of Rajesh Khanna, and in Jab We Met, the big door of the house.

Dara Singh had done two marriages. He has 6 children. His last film was Dil Apna Punjabi. He has also produced many films. At the same time, Dara has been the first sportsman who has been elected to the Rajya Sabha. Dara has been an MP from 2003 to 2009. On 7 July 2012, Dara Singh suffered a heart attack and during treatment it was found that he had brain damage due to blood leakage from the brain. After knowing this, on July 11, Dara Singh took leave from the hospital and said that nothing can be done to prolong his life. On its second day i.e. on 12 July 2012, Dara Singh said goodbye to the world.

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