Doja Cat and Fans Tweet Explained: Is she Quitting Music Career

Doja Cat and Fans Tweet Explained: Is she Quitting Music Career after furious fight?: As fans keep waiting to own their stars perform on stage, Doja Cat is reportedly quitting her music career after an argument along with her fans on Twitter for cancelling Paraguay concert.

Well, Doja Cat is on the road performing in South America, her Paraguay concert made her fans angry. But what compelled Doja to choose for quitting her musical career? Read ahead to understand more about Doja Cat and her spat with fan on Twitter.

Doja Cat had to perform in Paraguay

American rapper, Doja Cat is touring and performing for her fans, while her Paraguay concert got cancelled thanks to a storm. However, it absolutely was the Paraguayan fans who left things bad for the rapper as they weren’t addressed with apologies for cancelling the concert.

As the South America tour for rapper happened, it absolutely was on Twitter that things turned sour for all. Both Doja Cat & her Paraguayan fans were fuming and that they ended up with unexpected things. What caught the eye of all was certainly the reaction of Doja.

Paraguayan fans were angry at Doja Cat

As the American rapper performed in Brazil on Thursday, she went on to apologize to her fans for not giving a worthy show to observe. It absolutely was at that time when a friend backlash at the rapper for not issuing an apology on cancelling the Paraguay concert.

Though Doja’s concert in Paraguay got cancelled due to the storm. Yet her fans did express their anger on the rapper for not apologizing for the identical. Doja after a heated argument along with her fans of Paraguay changed her Twitter username to “I quit”.

Has Doja Cat left her music career?

Doja on the spat with the fans did react and said that she is quitting her music career. The post expressed her anger as she said that she doesn’t want to let anyone believe on her. She even said that they ought to unfollow her. The spat between her Paraguayan fans & the rapper did grab plenty of attention after the tweets surfaced on the net.

So, while angrily Doja has said about quitting the career. A report by TMZ claims that the rapper continues to be to perform for a Brazil concert. Meanwhile, it might be interesting to determine how she like sorts out things and whether she gets on stage again or not.

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