Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal Fight Video Viral on Internet

Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal Fight Video Viral: The latest video surfacing on the web shows Colby Covington all around with cops when the news of the Covington & Masvidal’s fight broke out. The video has certainly gone viral on the web and here we’ve all the updates on why and the way the fight between Masvidal & Covington invited cops to the scene.

Read ahead to understand more about Colby Covington’s video surfacing on the web with cops around him.

Colby Covington has the dinner with the Nelk Boys. .

It was at the Papi Steak, urban center where the Nelk Boys & Colby Convington had gone for dinner. While Nelk boys also shared the video of Colby from the restaurant, it had been Masvidal who came uninvited.

The news on an after the dinner out as Masvidal had a fight with Colby Convington at the Papi Steak, Miami Beach there. It had been reported that while Colby came out of the restaurant, he was attacked by Masvidal and it became viral.

Viral video on the net shows Colby surrounded by cops.

The viral video surfacing on the net was shot after Colby & Masvidal had a fight. The cops must are called at the scene when things went out of control. So, the video shows Colby standing surrounded by cops or policemen at the scene.

Also, he may also heard to saying that, He’s up here swinging, trying to come back at him, and that i ran…. Colby was even heard asking the Nelk boys member Bob Menery that how did Masvidal know I’m here?”. In response to the current Menery said “I don’t know”, “You’re everywhere the internet”.

Colby Covington & Jorge Masvidal rivalry..

Both UFC welterweight icons accustomed be close ones of every other long back. So, things has turned bitter between the duo and still that continues. While they both fought at the UFC 272 on March 5th, it had been Colby who won against Masvidal. Meanwhile, after the fight at the Papi Steak, metropolis, Masvidal has already posted a video challenging someone.

And it looks like he’s challenging none other but Colby Convington only. However, it might be interesting to determine if the duo’s fight and beef with each other ever end or not. to not miss, the cops who were at the scene of the fight haven’t spoken anything about the fight of the UFC icons at the Papi Steak, Miami Beach.

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