CES 2022: Dates, Launches and Everything We Expect

The CES 2022 seems to have us prepared many surprises. Much is said about food topics, gadgets for daily life , and even new ways to travel to space. In this case, more than 1700 companies will be in charge of making their innovations known to the world. We review the most anticipated dates and launches of CES 2022 in Las Vegas.

Unless there are last minute changes due to the new wave of Covid-19, work is being done so that the event takes place in person . However, those who cannot attend may do so electronically.

As a sneak peek, if you consider yourself a tech geek and don’t want to miss out on the great technological advancements to come, you have no excuse. Below, you can find out about the most relevant information from CES 2022 and everything we expect.

Date of CES 2022

As it is such an important and massive conference, as is customary. Then the organizers of CES 2022 have not hesitated to cover 4 days for its development. The event will take place between January 5 and 8 . The chosen location, as in previous years, will be Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.

The presentation format will be a hybrid modality, that is, both face-to-face and online. However, an important factor to take into account for this edition is that, in view of the whole situation caused by the pandemic, assistance will be limited to vaccinated people . Therefore, a vaccination certificate will be required.

CES 2022 launches

As for the upcoming launches, much emphasis has been placed on the autonomous car sector. In any case, the field of health, space travel and food is also expected to have a lot to say at CES 2022.

With regard to telephony and other technological products. Renowned companies such as Samsung or Google have some surprises in store for us. This is where, for example, the Samsung S21 FE , one of the most anticipated terminals, comes into play .

In addition to this, it seems that the controversial NFTs will be taken into account in this new edition. Something important considering the demand and supply that revolves around them today. For the rest, we can look forward to the release of new and improved software. Being Google one of the most striking in the field of wearables.

What can we expect in this edition?

Taking into account that we will have more than 600 exhibitors and more than 1,700 companies attending the event . It is to be expected that the enormous number of gadgets presented will be very diverse.

Although there are not completely exact data in this regard. And it is known that special emphasis will be placed on food technology. It has already been announced that Food Tech will have its own category. In the same way, it is expected that technology in the health sector will be covered in different aspects. Although the participation has not been specified, what is assured is that Robert Ford, president of Abbott, will offer a keynote address .

As in other editions, the subject of wearables will also have a place. We know, Google acquired Fitbit. And as we are developing new applications for their devices, it is not surprising that we have a few announcements from the company.

As for the automotive area, there is much talk about new innovations that will give electric cars greater autonomy. The CEO and CEO of GM will be in charge of delivering the keynote address. In addition, this company will present at the conference the Chevy Silverado E vehicle. It is capable of reaching more than 600 kilometers per hour. However, there are many more that will be present at CES 2022, from Toyota to Hyundai.

Also, the fitness field will not be left behind in this edition. The demand has been so great in this regard that it is expected that there will be abundant stands at the convention.

On the other hand, among so many leaks collected to date, we have also received information about MediaTek . And it seems that we have prepared the launch of Wi-Fi 7 technology . Or at least what appears to be a demo. Without neglecting Intel, which is another of the companies that has managed to make a space in this new edition. Everything indicates that the famous processor industry will bring us new updates in terms of Alder Lake CPUs.

In the realm of smart TVs, Panasonic is one of the companies. It has gone the extra mile to impress us with what appears to be a new line of OLED TVs. Hand in hand with Samsung. They are waiting for the presentation of the Samsung QN90A QLED TV. It is when LG prepares to show the world its LG QNED99 TV.

As of today, there are many speculations regarding the new edition of CES. The only thing we are sure of is that like every year the surprises will be many. From ANewsHub we invite you to keep an eye on it. So that you do not miss the technological future that awaits us.

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