Celebrations celebrated on the completion of 25 years of ‘Gupt’, know why Manisha Koirala was not seen

Manisha Koirala Not Attend Event: Visuals are always powerful. Leaves an indelible mark on someone’s heart and mind for a long time. Movies are also a form of this. In fact, only those films are considered successful, whose story and characters are always alive in the mind of the audience. ‘Gupt’ is also one such film, whose release has completed 25 years. Recently, Kajol and Bobby Deol were seen celebrating it. But more than happy to see them together, the fans got angry on them.

Now how can the fans forget Manisha Koirala, who played an equally important role in the film as Kajol and Bobby Deol. On the occasion of this reunion, Manisha’s absence went unnoticed. He took out his anger on this on social media.

Manisha’s absence got this answer

Everyone was asking where is Manisha Koirala. In such a situation, the question was also arising that did filmmaker Rajeev Rai not invite Manisha to the event? Well, now the answers to such questions have been found.

According to the report of E-Times, Manisha was busy shooting far away from Mumbai. A source told that the truth is that this event was to be held on July 2 only, but Kajol was busy that day and told Rai that she could not come. After this, Rai shifted it to July 9, while Manisha had already told him that she would not be able to come on this date. Now in such a situation, why did Rai not choose such a date, in which both the actresses would have been involved … it has not been disclosed yet. The source said that it is very surprising that Rai organized the event without Manisha.

Had Manisha been there, the atmosphere would have been even happier.

Now, because of Manisha’s absence, the fans can get furious for this reason. Well, if we talk about Kajol and Bobby Deol’s reunion, both of them had a lot of fun at the event and the fans were also very happy to see them together. Many of his videos are becoming viral on social media. The fans were lost in the memories related to the film and called ‘Gupt’ an ultimate film. Many fans have started demanding ‘Gupt 2’, but if Manisha Koirala was also with you, then the atmosphere would have been more happy.

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