Blade and Soul 2 Tier List Wiki – Best Races in the game

Blade and Soul 2 Tier List Wiki – Best Races in the game: Today we’ll discuss the new Blade and Soul 2 Tier List during this updated Blade and Soul 2 guide. you may find a comprehensive ranking of each race and outfit within the Blade and Soul 2 Tier List from a competitive perspective.

Without further ado, following given is a Blade and Soul 2 Tier List ranking all the races and outfits.

Blade and Soul 2 Tier List

While selecting the character, you need to also select the race. Your character’s battle style is decided by his or her race; here are the three races in Blade and Soul 2 ranked from best to worst.

  • Gon +++
  • Jin ++
  • Lyn +

Aside from the Races, players can select from five other outfits. Each outfit has its own set of skills, but the key is matching the appropriate outfit to the proper Race. As a compansation, we’ve prepared the Blade and Soul 2 Tier List of outfits, rated from best to the worst.

Blade and Soul 2 Tier List (Best Outfit)

  • Sunset +++++
  • Fighting Spirit ++++
  • Extreme Crimson +++
  • Wings of Glory ++
  • Heavenly Sage +

Now is the time to use this Blade and Soul 2 tier list to pick and build the perfect outfit.

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Blade & Soul 2 could be a sequel to NCSOFT’s Blade & Soul, which was released in 2012. The storyline and elements of the primary game are carried over, however, there are new environments and character behavior. Blade & Soul 2 offers improved fighting action and freedom of operation, furthermore as improved monster capabilities. The monster that changes the appearance in response to the action of the player, hence increasing the battle’s intensity.


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